Tiny Travelers (1s) & Early Explorers (2s)

Simply enter our toddler wing and you can feel the energy and inquisitiveness of our youngest children. In our one and two year old classrooms there is never a dull moment! Toddlers are intent on exploring their environment and enjoying their newfound independence. Their day normally consists of a short circle time where they discuss the weather, colors, letters, numbers, and sing many silly songs. A morning activity is usually messy and can include gluing or painting a variety of items from paper to pinecones - depending on the theme for the week.

After an organized activity it is time to work on our social and cooperation skills with friends during play in the classroom. And, no day would be complete without outside time in the morning and afternoon in order to get all of the wiggles out and work on our large muscle coordination! A morning and afternoon snack is provided by the school, and after a parent provided lunch, all Toddlers have a designated rest time from about 12:30 to 2:00pm. Each night a toddler parent is given an individualized daily report that details out his/her day from diaper changes to disposition and activities.

Pioneers (Preschool 3's)

In our Preschool 3’s program we channel a 3 year olds natural excitement and curiosity for learning by discussing and helping them make sense of the larger world around them. Since three year olds are able to spend longer amounts of time playing and exploring rather than bouncing around from activity to activity, circle and teacher directed activity time is slowly lengthened in connection with their growing attention spans.

Curriculum is planned around a weekly theme (usually seasonally or holiday driven) and activities are presented that engage and enforce the topics being discussed, as well as to develop their emerging fine motor skills through cutting and letter and number formation; and addresses cognitive skills such as sequencing, sorting and letter and number recognition. During these activities we are also able to address their evolving language and self-confidence skills so that they can start to negotiate, cooperate, and making appropriate choices with friends throughout the day.

In addition to circle and activity time, preschoolers have time for outside play, free play in the classroom, a morning and afternoon snack time, lunch time and a designated rest time for those staying past 12:15pm.

Adventurers (Pre-K)

In our Pre-K program we build upon the skills that the children have learned in our Preschool room and develop them further by planning out more in-depth activities that may take multiple days to complete. Circle time still includes discussions about the month, days of the week, year and weather, but may now include the reading of a chapter book and discussion about what happened in the story yesterday and today, as children are now able to recall and relate to certain experiences or character.

The curriculum is more challenging as the children are more confident in themselves as individuals and they enjoy investigating and questioning items presented to them. Science experiments such as making clouds, and predicting outcomes such as "Will this item sink or float?" are fun and frequent in this class! Fine motor and pre-reading skills are also focused on by using fun and catchy songs to remember letter sounds and identification while working on worksheets that teach proper formation of letters and numbers. Children are also allowed ample time to engage in cooperative play with classmates during the day that includes choices such as multi-piece puzzles and games, manipulatives, and dress up/role play.

In addition to circle and activity time, our Pre-K children still have plenty of time for outside play, a morning and afternoon snack time, lunch time and a designated rest time for those staying past 12:15pm.

Summer Camp

Our summer camp program begins in mid-June and runs through the end of August.  During the summer, we also welcome school age children who are entering Kindergarten & 1st Grade to join us for the fun, whether it be for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days/week.  Each week our theme changes and fun, messy, outdoor activities are planned around that theme.  Some of our favorite summer themes have been Splish Splash, Under the Sea and Digging into Dinosaurs.  Water play is a big part of summer camp from pool time; to sprinkers; to a good old fashioned water balloon toss - we are usually staying cool with some sort of water activity. Special guests from singers to cowboys (pony rides) to magicians love to visit us in the summer to round out the fun!